Wednesday, March 29th

Our DFM Tool uses one of the top Design for Manufacturability Evaluation Tools available today.

Just upload your files and in a few minutes you will have a full six page report on how a PCB Manufacturer would see your files.

The purpose of this tool is two fold.

DFM Report Example

    • 1. To have your files checked prior to production to catch errors that could cost delays.
    • 2. Additionally you can get a quote on those files if you click the “Request for Quotation” box which will allow us to capture your additional information.

What is in the DFM Report? Click Here to See a DFM Report Example

Click Here to see all DFM Checks

Smallest Trace
Smallest Annular Ring
Minimum clearance of copper to copper
Minimum clearance of copper pad to pad
Minimum clearance copper pad to track
Minimum clearance trace to trace
Minimum clearance of copper to plated hole
Minimum clearance of copper to non-plated hole
Minimum clearance hole to hole
Minimum clearance of copper to outline
Minimum clearance between same net features
Minimum ring mask to pad
Minimum clearance mask to mask
Minimum clearance mask to mask SMD (web)
Minimum clearance mask to copper
Drill tool smaller or equal to 8mil
Drill density equal or bigger than 60

Our preference for Gerber files is 274x that includes an NC drill file.  In order to get a clean report your drill files must be in the correct format.  Please read our article on Common Problems with Gerber Files.

If there are any additional details you want us to know you can add them to comments boxes.

During business hours we will return your report within an hour in most cases. If you have been waiting a while please use our Website Chat feature and one of technical staff can update you on the progress.

Go ahead and upload now.

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