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Wednesday, July 08th

Our Top 10 Most Viewed Content in 2014


top10Who doesn’t like a good Top 10 list? We added more new content to our website in 2014 than in any year previously and thought it would be interesting to share what was most popular.  So, enjoy our compilation of the top 10 most viewed tools, guides and blog posts on the Bay Area Circuits website for 2014 – and, Happy New Year!

#10 Countersinks and Counterbores for Printed Circuit Boards

This is a short blog post that reviews the what, how and why of countersinks and counterbores for PCBs.

We just added a video for this as well.

#9 Instant DFM

Maybe the most unique design for manufacturing verification tools available on the web.  Just introduced in early 2014.  It is growing quickly into one of our more popular tools.    Just upload your Gerber or ODB++ file for an instant, on page, visual design check.

#8 Bare Printed Circuit Board Electrical Test

This blog post reviews the various electrical test methods for circuit boards and the IPC quality standards.

#7 Manufacturing of Double Sided and Multi-Layer Printed Circuit Boards

This is one of our older posts that talks about the basics of the circuit board manufacturing process.  A great starting primer.

#6 Multi-Layer Stackups

This page provides details on BAC’s basic stackups for multi-layer PCBs.  Another guide for PCB designers to help perfect their design.

#5 PCB Panelizer Tool

One of our first web based tools.  Allows you to enter your part size as well as the production panel size to see how many boards will fit.   Will provide a downloadable PDF as well.

#4 DXF to Gerber Conversion Guide

This is a downloadable PDF that gives step by step how to convert a DXF file to Gerber with PCB Design Software.

#3 Printed Circuit Board Finishes

Also one of our older posts, it provides great detail on the various finishes available for PCBs.  Includes the what, why, process and the critical measurements for each.

#2 PCB Array Calculator

This is our one of a kind array calculator.  Just enter your dimensions and click the submit button and you can visually see how your array of boards will look, including tabs, tooling holes and fiducials.  It also provides complete dimension details available to download as a PDF so we can easily manufacture it for you.

#1 PCB Creator

Our number most viewed and interacted with content is our free PCB Design Software, PCB Creator.  We frequently hear how easy it is to use.  Check it out!

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