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Thursday, July 16th

PCB Creator Interview on Real Time with IPC


At this years IPC-APEX show in San Diego we were interviewed by Kelly Dack with PCB007.

We were able to talk about PCB Creator, our new PCB Design software. If you have not had a chance to give it a try be sure to check it out in action by Clicking Here.

Below is the video as well as the transcript.

Hi! Thanks for being with us I’m Kelly Dack for Real Time with IPC, I’m sitting here with Peter Brissette Director of Sales and Marketing for Bay Area Circuits, welcome Peter.

Hi Kelly good to be here.

Hey we were talking a little bit about a missing dimension in some engineer’s capabilities and that’s sometimes the ability or access to some lab tools.

You know to for us to make a circuit board we need someone to design it first. They have to create it and come up with it.  So what we went out did was find a company that was very good at this and create software for us that we can give to our customers to use to create their designs with.

Normally an engineer would you know would go the traditional way and go down to or over to a printed circuit board design professional. They would use very expensive software tools to create circuit board layout.  Now you have a way for an engineer to realize a circuit board design that might be a little bit more simple, fewer layers probably and they can actually get that board design to you probably be able to lay them out themselves and get it out to you and you can manufacture. Tell us how it works.

Yeah! So it’s called PCB Creator, that’s our software its very super easy software to use, so one of the easiest ones out there in the market and it has everything that you need to create your designs. Engineer’s start with the schematic that they create of their design and they convert that into a layout, it has all the little footprints of all little parts and components that you need to place on there are already in the libraries, so everything you need to create your design is already there. Once it is created we run it through checks to make sure that we can build it, make sure the files are OK, so all they have to do is click the order button and everything comes to us super simple, super easy.

Yeah and I think one of the benefits this is some inter-match with your manufacturing process, guess so. An engineer that’s wants to provide or create a lay-out doesn’t necessary have to be so carefully so careful to adhere to all the special manufacturing specifications because your gonna add, you’ve got a value in the software, you add value as a company to make sure the designs got to be success, because you’re the ones that are going to be manufacturing, it has to be successful.

Yes part of our goal in this was that we spend a lot of time in our cam department taking a customer’s files to get them prepared to be manufactured and depending on whatever software they use, all the outputs are different, all the outputs change.  With us doing the software, were able to put in the software all the checks, all those things that we need in order to make that and also to limit our cam time and limit cam errors.  And it’s already built in.

How does it work for the engineer, does the engineer have to provide you all these special cam files, and all the separate data.

He actually doesn’t even have to do that so once he creates his design, it automatically checks it, so as he hits the order button it does a double check again and sends us the files.  We take care of it from there. We take care and make sure all the gerber files all the drill data and all that stuff is the way its need to be and in the format that we need to build the board so the engineer doesn’t have anything to worry about.

This is almost like a comprehensive solution for certain types engineer’s out there where they may have a real interest in it. With me is been Peter Brissette Director of Sales and Marketing for Bay Area Circuits they have an interesting solution here that you need to check out. I’m Kelly Dack with Real Time IPC thanks for being with us.

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