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Thursday, July 16th

Photocopier Teardown from EEVblog


photocopier teardownWell here we have Dave Jones again with one of his Teardown Tuesdays. He does a great job of breakdown a wide variety of electronic devices in his weekly show.

This time out I wanted to show you this teardown of a Photocopier. The technology in these machines has really changed over the last ten years. They used to be very analog based machines and now they are all digital.

A couple of years back there was a story about these copiers because they all have hard drives in them. These hard drives store an image of every single copy made on the machine. There is a huge after market for these machines in other countries and some companies were taking these old machines and doing a slight refurb on them and shipping them off. However they neglected to clear out the hard drives which was coming from attorneys, medical offices and other businesses that would be capturing personal data like SSN’s, Credit Card info, etc. I think most companies are pulling these hard drives out and shredding them any more. If you have a copier you are tossing out you should ask about what happens to the data before you let it out of the building with all your customers and employees private information.

At the time I am posting this video it already has 15,822 views (which is more than most of his) and 973 likes with only 4 dislikes. The conversations he is getting is great too. Lots of people explaining in the comments what the various parts are in on the copper so that everyone can get a better understanding.

Here it is. Enjoy!

Printed Circuits Board Manufacturing 101

Step 1
Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Double Sided ancd Multi Layer Post 1
Step 2
Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Multi Layer Image Process
Step 3
Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Lamination and Drill
Step 4
Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Outer Layer Image and Solermask
Step 5
Printed Circuit Board Finishes
Step 6
Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Rout and Fabrication
Step 7
Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Electrical Testing



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