Wednesday, March 29th

Thank you for providing us the opportunity to quote your printed circuit board project!  For your convenience, we offer multiple ways to request a quote.

Do You Have Design Data Ready?
Yes! (Please choose from option 1 or 2)
Not Yet. (Please proceed to option 3)

Option 1: InstantDFM (preferred, expedited processing)

Upload your data (Gerber RS-274x or ODB++ in .ZIP format) and request a quote using our InstantDFM tool. Within 1-2 minutes of submitting your Gerber data you will receive a DFM report.  Once you have verified the data is correct, use the short “Get a Quote” form to submit your quote request. Proceed to InstantDFM


Option 2: Email (preferred for quote requests to include assembly)

Email your data (Gerber RS-274x or ODB++ in .ZIP format), Bill of Materials (BOM) (optional, for assembly quotes) and any additional details regarding your project including desired quantity and lead time to:

[Note: Email attachments are limited in size to 7MB or less. If your files are larger than 7MB, email and we will provide you with alternative instructions.]


Option 3:  Quote Form

If you do not have Gerber files and are interested in a budgetary quote, please complete the form below with as much detail as possible.

No matter which method you select, in most cases we will respond to requests within an hour during normal business hours (Monday – Friday, 7am – 6pm PST) but we may take a little longer depending on the complexity of the project.  If you need to hear back in a hurry, submit your request and then contact us.


Quote Form (for use when no data is available)

Company   Phone
Part Number
Board Class  
Production Time
Copper Thickness in     All Units in  
Surface Finish   Material Type
Layer Count   Min. Hole Size     Copper Thickness Outer  
PCB Thickness ml   Copper Thickness Inner  
PCB Size
Array Required?   Yes Rejects on Array Allowed?   Yes
# PCBs Panel Size Spacing Border Width
X: X: X: Top:       Left:   
Y: Y: Y: Bottom: Right:
Solder Mask   Mask Color
Legend   Legend Color
Drill Countersink? Yes V-Scoring? Yes Rout Inside Outline?   Yes
Drill Half Holes? Yes Rout V-cut
Outline Tolerance Depth Rout? Yes Edge Connector
Controlled Impedance? Yes Blind/Buried Vias? Yes RoHS?   Yes
Controlled Dielectric? Yes Confirmal Coating? Yes Filled Vias? Yes


Please add any information or special requests
for us to consider when preparing your quote.

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