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Bay Area Circuits has been providing PCB fabrication services for multiple industries in Silicon Valley for over 45 years. As a specialized PCB prototype manufacturer, we can help you iterate on your PCB designs with our fully customized PCB prototype services.

You need a prototype PCB manufacturer that works very closely with you, and our collaborative approach delivers high-quality rapid prototypes that drive your electronics products throughout their development process, culminating in a successful outcome.

Our specialist teams have decades of experience in their field, and we continually strive to introduce new innovative technologies that increase the quality and turnaround times of your printed circuit board prototypes.


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Innovation Prototyping with 24 Hour Turnaround Times

We invest in the latest technologies to ensure we produce your printed circuit boards quickly. We can manufacture prototype PCB designs in as little as 24 hours. Our team leverages high-performance equipment and techniques – including laser direct imaging, vision drilling, and inkjet printing, to give you the best possible quality prototype circuit boards.

With increased volume, we have the manufacturing capabilities to speed up your development pipelines, all at a highly competitive price. 

Bay Area Circuits maintains the highest level of quality control with all our proven manufacturing techniques, so you don’t have to compromise on quality or reliability for the price of quick turnaround times. We can even produce two-layer PCBs on the same day, with multi-layer projects ready in 24 hours.


Custom PCB Prototypes For Any Product prototype printed circuit boards barebones

Our custom prototype PCB fabrication services accommodate both simple and highly complex PCB projects. We can meet your needs, whatever layer count, materials, densities, processes, and finishes you require for your PCB projects.

If you are searching for a quick-turn prototype PCB manufacturer that is highly collaborative, dependable, and affordable, Bay Area Circuits is the company to partner with.

Contact us for help and advice regarding any aspect of custom PCB prototyping. Get your instant quote by uploading your prototype PCBs with our InstantDFM tool, or request a custom quote directly today.

1-Day-Turnaround on Barebone PCB Projects

Barebone PCBs are used for prototyping, allowing you to test multiple iterations of your PCB rapidly and at an affordable cost. You can have them shipped in just 24 hours! 

We make barebone PCB prototype boards with yellow-colored FR-4 fiberglass and copper traces, with copper-plated holes and a top layer of tin > Shop Now

Bay Area Circuits will meet your every need at a cost you can afford.