Full Turn Key PCB Assembly


With Bay Area Circuits, you benefit from turn key PCB assembly and fabrication services, all from a single point of contact. We manage the entire process for you and work to highly exacting standards. 

We offer in-house PCB fabrication and integrated workflows with trusted Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) partners to provide our clients with a complete, unbeatable solution for all their quick-turn PCB assembly requirements.

By leveraging our relationships with local EMS partners, we produce PCBs to the highest quality standards and at the fastest speeds, both of which Bay Area Circuits are renowned and respected.

Our affordable turn PCB assembly services allow you to scale up production and quickly release your product to market. With such fast turnaround times, BAC has what it takes to meet your schedules, however tight they may be.

If you require us to source high-quality components on your behalf in time for the assembly and fabrication of your circuit boards, we can do so at a very competitive price. If you need a custom full turn-key PCB quote for your project, please click the ‘Instant Quote’ button at the top of the page to obtain your fully customized quote.

If you choose BAC for turn-key PCB assembly services, you can be sure we always deliver on all our promises.

Here is what we have to offer:

Seamless Communication—One Point of Contact

Your BAC representative will communicate closely with you throughout every stage of your quick-turn PCB assembly project. We can also channel all communications from our EMS partners and, if required, project manage on your behalf.

 You’ll find the experience of working with BAC incredibly frictionless.

Rapid Prototyping

We specialize in rapid prototyping with fast lead times and no minimum quantity requirements, ideal for small-to-medium-sized production volumes. Our team has extensive experience with diverse prototype PCB assembly projects.

Quick Turnaround

Find out how quickly we can deliver your PCB fabrication and assembly projects using our ‘Instant Quote’ tool!


Procurement of Top-Quality Parts

We use a combination of procurement methods to ensure you have access to the very best quality parts and components for your custom PCB project. 

Whatever service you choose, whether it’s turn-key (parts sourcing), consignment (parts provided), or a combination of both, we guarantee that you will be delighted with the results.


Capabilities Designed for You

  • Surface Mount Technology (SMT)
  • Thru-Hole
  • Mixed Technology (SMT & Thru-Hole)
  • Passive Components
  • Ball Grid Arrays (BGA)
  • Fine Pitch Ball Grid Arrays (FPBGA)
  • QFNs
  • Fine Pitch Ball Grid Arrays (FPBGA)
  • QFNs