Thursday, January 24th

As a guideline, below are the standard stack-ups used by Bay Area Circuits for both our 4 layer PCBs and 6 layer PCBs with a .031 or .062 overall thickness*. 4 and 6 layer PCB stackups are not guaranteed unless a specific stackup is identified in Gerber files and/or fabrication drawing/notes.

For different standard PCB thickness, higher layer counts, or designs requiring controlled impedance or controlled dielectric, please contact us for more information. We’ll be glad to review your impedance requirements and adjust the stack-up accordingly.

* Note this does not include final copper plating.


4 Layer PCB

.062 / 4 Layers

.062_4lyr stack

.031 / 4 Layers

.031_4lyr stack

6 Layer PCB

.062 / 6 Layers

.062_6lyr stack

.031 / 6 Layers

.031_6lyr stack


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