Silicon Valley, CA, August 17, 2016 – Bay Area Circuits, Inc., a leading quick-turn printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturer, is excited to announce the launch of PCB Creator version 3. This updated version of its free PCB Layout and Schematic Capture software features many expansions to its already userfriendly tools and training materials, as well as new additions that will make creating printed circuit boards even easier with more design options.

PCB Creator version 3 is equipped with the following new features:

  • A comprehensive differential pair toolkit, with both double and single-track routing modes, as well as real-time verification of differential pair rules.
  • Mac OS X compatibility support.
  • Real-time 3D preview and export, including more than 6,500 3D models.
  • Updated component and pattern editors along with more than 130,000 components and 15,000 patterns included.
  • Customized hotkeys that enable users to quickly navigate the application with keyboard shortcuts.

“This new release of PCB Creator manages to offer more sophisticated tool options while maintaining a very easy to navigate platform,” said Brian Paper, Chief Operating Officer, at Bay Area Circuits. “This makes the software a great option for both those well versed in PCB engineering and even the most novice designers.”

PCB Creator is a printed circuit board design software for creating 2 to 4 layer boards, with integrated pricing and ordering options. PCB Creator is simple to learn by following its step-by-step tutorial that can get users working on their designs within only a few hours. It offers easy-to-use manual and auto routing tools, as well as component and pattern editors that allows users to make new parts and footprints. Users can import and export their designs and libraries with other EDA tools, use Schematic Capture, and preview their designs in 3D.

This software is valued at $400, and Bay Area Circuits offers it to users absolutely free for download from its website at:

The release of PCB Creator version 3 follows the release of its parent software’s latest upgrade to DipTrace version 3. DipTrace is a great upgrade option from PCB Creator for those interested in accessing a broader range of design capabilities, including the ability to create multilayer boards greater  than 4 layers, and also offers a wide variety of export options including Gerber RS-274X, Gerber X2, ODB++, and IPC-D-356A.



Here’s a quick Q&A that includes more details on this new release.

Q: How has PCB Creator been updated?
A: There are a bunch of new updates we’re really excited about, but two of the most significant are: 1. Support for High-speed Differential Pair Routing, and 2. Mac OS X Compatibility. These have been 2 of our most commonly requested features and really allow PCB Creator to appeal to a wider audience of professional and other design engineers. Learn more about new features here.


Q: What are the design limitations of PCB Creator?
A: PCB Creator allows you to design up to a 4 layer board with less than 1000 pins. But, if you need more capability than this, there is an upgrade path available here which unlocks additional capabilities.


Q: Are there any other limitations of PCB Creator?
A: PCB Creator does not allow for the export to Gerber RS-274X, Gerber X2, ODB++ or other common formats. Design files are saved as proprietary .BAC files which can be used to purchase PCBs from Bay Area Circuits. We’re so confident you’re going to love our manufacturing service, that we’ll provide you with Gerber files free of charge upon shipping of your PCB order.


Q: What if I require export capability?
A: If you require the capability to export your design to Gerber RS-274X, Gerber X2 or ODB++, now or anytime in the future, we offer an upgrade path here which unlocks these additional capabilities. Unlike other manufacturer-specific PCB design software which lock you in to their proprietary format with no export support or upgrade path, we support you with both and encourage you to take advantage!


Q: What if I prefer to order the PCBs from someone else?
A: While it’s nearly impossible for us to imagine why you would want to do that, you’re completely welcome to do so. This would require you to export design files in a common format and to do so you would need to upgrade.


Q: Where can I learn more about PCB Creator?
A: Give our PCB Creator announcement a read and then head on over to our website where you can find detailed information on PCB Creator here including features, tutorials, upgrades & support.


Q: Where can I download PCB Creator?
A: PCB Creator is always available for free from our website here.


Q: How do I order a PCB I’ve designed with PCB Creator?
A: PCB Creator has integrated pricing and ordering. Once you’ve designed your PCB through the circuit layout software, you can view pricing and start the ordering process within the application by navigating to File > Order PCB from Bay Area Circuits.