PCB Protection Can be Compromised by Ground Structure

Abstract Printed Circuit Board designers sometimes place protective devices on external signals as they enter a PCB and shunt the current from these devices to a separate “noise” ground distinct from the board signal ground. An analysis is given that …
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Bay Area Circuits Completes ITAR Certification

Redwood City, CA , August 15th, 2011 – Continually striving to meet the ever changing demands of PCB Manufacturing, Bay Area Circuits is announcing the recent ITAR certification as a part of their ongoing quality assurance program. According to a …
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RS274D vs RS274X Gerber file format

Gerber File Extension For those that are not familiar with the Gerber file extension designation of rs274d vs rs274x we put together some basic information to help you understand the difference and why it is important in the PCB ordering …
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