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The following design rules and standards will assist printed circuit board (PCB) designers in setting up their basic design checks. Full capabilities for printed circuit board manufacturing extend beyond the rules below but often times involve additional processes and costs to achieve the desired results.  It is recommended that designers who require capabilities beyond what is described below contact us to help maximize the effectiveness of the design and the printed circuit board manufacturing process.

Bay Area Circuits – Capability List

As a general rule, all dimensions and registration will have a +/- tolerance between 0.002″ and 0.005″.


Copper Features

Trace/Space recommended to be no less than .003″ at 1/2 oz copper and .005″ at 1 oz copper (higher copper weights will require more spacing).

Minimum Pad Size over Finished Hole Size .015″.

Minimum Clearance (All Layers) of Finished Hole to Copper .010″.

Copper to Edge of Board .010″ for Outer Layers, .015″ for Inner Layers.

Plated Slots should have a pad size .015″ larger than the slot size (Custom Quote).



Minimum Finished Hole Size .010″.

Ability to reduce to .006″ for mechanical drill for .062” board thickness.  Less than .006” would require use of a laser drill (Custom Quote).


Copper Plating

In Holes; average plating in holes is .0008″.

Outer Layers; 0.5 oz copper unless otherwise specified.

Inner Layers; 1 oz copper unless otherwise specified.  No additional plating added.

A variety of copper weights are available including options greater than 2 oz (Custom Quote).



Double-Sided Boards > Standard Temp FR-4.

Multi-Layer Boards (more than 2 layers) > High Temp FR-4.

Standard Thickness is .062″.  Other available thicknesses include .093″, .125″, .031″ & more.

A wide variety of materials are available for use. Contact us to discuss any specific requirements.



Standard finish is Hot Air Solder Level (HASL).

A wide variety of finishes are available for use including Gold, Silver & more.



Standard Soldermask is Liquid Photo Imageable (LPI).

A wide variety of colors are available for use including Green, White, Red, Blue, Black & more.

Minimum web is .003″.

Mask openings for Pads, Vias, etc. will be adjusted. “Tented” Vias (mask over the pads) are available (Custom Quote).



Standard Silkscreen is Liquid Photo Imageable (LPI).

A wide variety of colors are available for use including Green, White, Red, Blue, Black, Yellow & more.

Minimum feature size is .003″.

For instances with silk on pads and other exposed copper features in your data the silkscreen is clipped.



Standard router bit size is .078”.

Minimum internal radius is .015″.

For internal slots a .03” router bit is available.


Tab Rout and V-Score

Minimum spacing for tab routed arrays is .100”.

For Score, no spacing is required between boards and rails. The scoring angle is typically 30° Score lines and should run from edge to edge.

For assistance with arrays, try our Array Calculator or contact us for assistance.


Gold Fingers

Gold thickness is 30-50 Microinches with/without a 30 degree bevel (Custom Quote).



Countersinks, Counterbores, Beveled Edges are just a few of the many options available.



Standard electrical testing for opens and shorts.  Additional testing methods are available.



Controlled Impedance, TDR Testing, Blind / Buried Vias, Micro Vias, Plasma Etching, etc.


Whew! That’s a lot to take into consideration, huh? We’re guessing you’ve got it covered but we’re here to help so if you have a question we didn’t answer please contact us so we can help make your design project a success!

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