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Wednesday, July 08th

FR4 material consists of a thin layer of copper foil laminated to one or both sides. By contrast, multi-layer PCBs consist of multiple layers of PCB material which are laminated together.

At Bay Area Circuits, to offer many different types of PCB materials for PCB manufacture, from standard FR4 material to Flex, High Copper Weight, Hybrid Capable, Low/High Temp and Polyimide materials, we work with a variety of material suppliers including Arlon, Isola, Iteq, Nelco, Rogers, Taconic, Tuc & Ventec.

Our Material Library provides links to data sheets for many of the more popular PCB materials we offer; RF, Polyimide and FR4 material.  This is by no means an all-inclusive list of materials we offer so please contact us for information on other available material suppliers and types.

Your application should influence your choice of PCB material (e.g. printed circuit board assemblies). If you need assistance selecting the right material – whether it’s standard FR4 material or something unique – contact our customer service team and we’ll be glad to assist!

TypeManufacturerProductTGTDDKDFIPC 4101C
Lead-Free ProcessHalogen-FreeKey Attributes / DescriptionProcess ApplicationUL Approved
FR4KingboardKB-6160A1353054.50.02221NoNoExcellent UVB to Prevent Light Transfer During Imaging/ Mechanical and Heat Resistance Properties/ AOI and UVB CompatibleStandardNo
FR4VentecVT-421403104.30.015N/ANoNoStandard FR-4 / UV BlockingStandardNo
FR4VentecVT-4411503854.40.014127 / 128YesYesPhenolic Cured / Mid- TG FR4.1 / UV Blocking / CAF Resistance / Low Z-CTE / Excellent Thermal ReliabilityStandardNo
FR4VentecVT-4811553454.30.01597 / 98 / 99 / 101YesNoMid TG FR4 / Phenolic Cure / Excellent Thermal Reliability / Low Z- CTE/ CAF Resisitance / UV BlockingStandardYes
FR4VentecVT-464(D)1604003.0-3.60.004-0.008127 / 128YesYesMid Tg / Low DK & Low Loss / Excellent Thermal Reliablilty / Ease to ManufactureStandardNo
FR4KingboardKB-6167F1753504.50.017126YesNoLow Water Absorbability/High Thermal Resistance and Long-term Thermal Reliability/ Excellent Thermal Reliability/ Excellent Thermal Shock Reliablitiy/ Dimensionally StableStandardNo
FR4VentecVT-471803554.270.01697 / 98 / 99 / 101 / 126YesNoHigh TG FR4 / Phenolic Cured / Excellent Thermal Reliability / CAF Resistance / UV Blocking / Low Z-CTEStandardYes
FR4VentecVT-4471803804.350.013127 / 128 / 130YesYesHigh TG / Black, Light Blocking / Low Z-CTE / UV BlockingStandardNo
FR4Isola370HR1803403.92-4.240.0150-0.025098 / 99 / 101 / 126YesNoHigh Thermal Reliability / High Density Interconnect / High Performance Laminate and Prepreg / CAF Resistant / FR-4 Process Compatible / UV Blocking and AOI FluorescenceStandardYes
FR4IsolaFR4081803603.670.01224 / 121 / 124YesNoHigh Thermal Performance / RoHS Compliant / UV Blocking and AOI Fluorescence / Superior Processing / Improves Signal IntegrityStandardNo
FR4IsolaFR408HR1903603.680.009221 / 24 / 121 / 124 / 129YesNoHigh Thermal Performance / Low CTE for Reliability /RoHS Compliant / UV Blocking / AOI FluorescenceStandardNo
FR4Nelco4000-13 EP SI2103503.3 – 3.70.007 – 0.008N/AYesNoExcellent Thickness Control for Tight Tolerance Impedance Applications/ Low Z-CTE/ Improved and Excellent CAF Resistance/ SI Glass Available/ RoHS CompliantStandardNo
PolyimideVentecVT-9012503904.050.01340 / 41 / 42YesNoHigh TG / Improved Fracture Toughness / Low Z-axis CTE / Bromine-FreeTemperature CyclingNo
PolyimideVentecVT-90H2503904.050.01340 / 41 / 42YesNoHigh TG / Improved Fracture Toughness / Low Z-axis CTE / Bromine-FreeTemperature CyclingNo
PolyimideArlonArlon 85N2504074.20.0140 / 41YesYesHigh Thermal Reliability / Bromide-Free / Superior PTH Reliability / Low Z-axis expansion / RoHS/WEEE CompliantTemperature CyclingNo
PolyimideIsolaP95/P252604163.760.017940 / 41 / 42YesNoHigh Thermal Reliability / RoHS CompliantTemperature CyclingNo
PolyimideIsolaP96/P262603963.760.01740 / 41 / 42YesNoHigh Thermal Reliability / RoHs CompliantTemperature CyclingNo
RFRogersRO4350B2804253.480.003711YesNoCAF Resistance / Excellent High-Frequency Performance / Low Z-Axis Expansion / Excellent Dimensional StabilityRFNo
RFRogersRO4003C2803903.380.002710YesNoHigh Reliability / High CAF Resistance / Glass-Reinforced Hydrocarbon and Ceramic Dielectric / Excellent High-Frequency Performance /Low Z-Axis Expansion / Excellent Dimensional StabilityRFNo
RFRogersRT/duroid 5870/5880N/A5002.330.001205YesNoLowest Electrical Loss for Reinforced PTFE Material / Low Moisture Absorption / Isotropic / Uniform Electrical Properties over Frequency / Excellent Chemical ResistanceRF/MicrowaveNo
RFRogersRO3003N/A50030.001316YesNoExcellent Mechanical Properties / Ideal for Multi-Layer Boards / Low In-Plane Expansion Coefficient / Excellent Dimensional StabilityRF/MicrowaveNo
RFTaconicTLY-5N/AN/A2.200.0009N/AYesNoLow Z- Axis CTE/ Plated Through Hole Stability/ Low Density (1.92 g/cm3)/ Attractive Price Performance Ratio/ Excellent Peel Strength/ Compatible with Flat CopperRF/MicrowaveNo

*The information above is provided for convenience and in some cases, typical values are displayed. Please consult the manufacturer data sheet for complete and accurate information.

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