Wednesday, July 18th

Providing PCB fabrication services for a myriad of industries in Silicon Valley for over 40 years, Bay Area Circuits engineers also provide high-quality PCB prototypes using innovative designs, top-notch materials and equipment.

Bay Area Circuits is an expert prototype PCB manufacturer catering directly to product innovators ranging from design engineering firms to industrial, medical and equipment manufacturing industries. Our staff has decades of experience in their field while still researching new technology and methods to enhance quality and turnaround time of our prototypes.

Innovation in Prototyping, 24 Hour Turnaround

We invest in the most innovative technology to produce prototype printed circuit boards as quickly as possible. Many of our prototype circuit boards can be produced within just 24 hours. Our team leverages the newest equipment and technology – including laser direct imaging, vision drilling, and inkjet printing. This increases our volume manufacturing capability and quality while decreasing manufacturing time, making us an inexpensive and fast provider of circuit board prototypes.

While quick turnaround can mean lower quality for some manufacturers, Bay Area Circuits maintains excellence through our proven manufacturing techniques. We provide the highest caliber of circuit board prototyping services while reducing overall shipment time, supplying two-layer projects as quickly as the same day, and multi-layer projects in as little as 24 hours.

Custom PCB Prototypes For Any Industry

Our custom prototype manufacturing of printed circuit boards is available for both simple and complex projects with a variety of layer counts, materials, densities, and processes and finishes, great for testing designs for a wide variety of applications.

Bay Area Circuits is the ideal choice for quick turn PCB prototypes that will not only meet your organization’s unique requirements, but exceed expectations by providing incomparable workmanship and service.

Contact us to build your next custom PCB prototype. Shop for prototype PCB options in our online store or request a custom quote today.


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