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PCB Creator

PCB Creator is free PCB design software.

Built on a solid PCB Design platform with a proven industry track record.

PCB Creator is:

  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Will allow you to design 2 and 4 layer PCBs
  • Provides easy quote and order options
  • Gerber files available at no cost after PCB order

Download PCB CreatorPCB Creator Includes:

  • PCB Layout — PCB design with easy-to-use manual routing tools, autorouter and auto-placement.
  • Schematic — Schematic Capture with multi-level hierarchy and export to PCB Layout, Spice or Netlist.
  • Component and Pattern Editors — allow you to make new parts and footprints.
  • Standard Libraries – include 100,000+ parts.
  • 3D PCB Preview – shows your design in 3D. 2500+ package 3D models are supplied with the program.
  • Import/Export Features – allow you to exchange designs and libraries with other EDA tools.
  • Step-by-Step Tutorial – learn the software and start real work in a few hours.
  • Windows Based Software (No Mac version currently)

PCB Creator provides the following features:

Easy to learn user interface

To design a schematic, simply select and place components onto your document and connect them together using the wire and bus tools. Multisheet and hierarchical schematics are supported. Then select the menu option ‘Convert to PCB’ to convert the schematic to PCB. Layout can be updated from Schematic in a few clicks at anytime. When you create or edit design objects they are highlighted to improve your work. Step-by-step tutorial guides you through the design process and allows to get started with ease.

Smart placement and auto-placement features

After converting Schematic to PCB layout, place board outline and arrange components. Then use “placement by list” for chips/connectors and auto-placement for other components to get acceptable result in a few minutes and start routing.

Easy to use manual and powerful automatic routing

PCB Creator PCB software includes automatic grid-based router, which is able to successfully route non-complex circuits. Grid Router can also make single-layer boards with jumper wires. With Specctra DSN/SES interface you can use external shape-based or topological autorouter. Intelligent manual routing tools allow you to create and edit traces by 90, 45 degree or without any limitations. Curved traces are supported. Through, blind or buried vias can be used in automatic and manual routing. Board size is not limited.

Shape-based copper pour

Powerful copper pour system can help to reduce your manufacturing costs by minimizing the amount of etching solution required. To use it, all you have to do is insert a copper area on your board in the PCB Layout program and any pad or trace inside the selected area will be automatically surrounded with a gap of the desired size. Using copper pour you can also create planes and connect them to pads and vias (different thermal types are supported).

Advanced Verification Features

Schematic and PCB design modules have number of verification features that help control project accuracy on different design stages: The ERC function shows possible errors in Schematic pin connections using defined rules and allows you to correct errors step-by-step. DRC function checks the clearance between design objects, minimum size of traces, and drills. Errors are displayed graphically and you can fix them step-by-step and rerun the DRC in one click after any corrections. Net Connectivity Check verifies if all nets of PCB are electrically connected. This feature uses traces, copper pour filled area and shapes to control connectivity, then reports broken and merged nets with area details. Comparing to Schematic allows you to check if routed PCB is identical with Schematic.

3D PCB Preview

PCB Creator PCB Layout module includes 3D preview feature which shows you how your completed project will look like. This feature uses hardware graphics acceleration, so you can change colors and rotate/zoom/pan board in real-time. 2500+ package 3D models are available for free and you can use any models in VRML 2.0 or 3DS formats.

Spice Support

With PCB Creator Schematic Capture or Component Editor specify spice settings or attach models to the parts. Then export .cir net-list of your Schematic to LT Spice or another simulation software to verify how it works.

Import/Export Features

Package modules allow you to exchange schematics, layouts and libraries with other EDA and CAD packages (DXF, Eagle, P-CAD, PADS, OrCAD). PCB Creator Schematic Capture and PCB Layout also support Accel, Allegro, Mentor, PADS, P-CAD, Protel and Tango netlist formats.

Manufacturing output formats

PCB Creator will output the file in a BAC readable format.  Once you place your order with BAC your full gerber and drill data set can be provided at no additional cost.

Standard component libraries

PCB Creator package includes component and pattern libraries which contain 100,000+ components from different manufacturers.

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