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Wednesday, July 08th

Ardulab Open Sourcing Space


With space travel moving from NASA to private enterprises like SpaceX many new opportunities are beginning to open up.  One of those opportunities is from a group called Infinity Aerospace and their Ardulab project.

Bay Area Circuits is a sponsor of the project started by students from Stanford University.  Here is what they had to say about it in their announcement.

Infinity Aerospace is pleased to announce Bay Area Circuits as the Official Manufacturer of printed circuit boards for its first product, the ArduLab. Bay Area Circuits’ manufacturing excellence will provide consistency and key services as we establish the ArduLab supply chain.
Brian Rieger, Co-Founder of Infinity Aerospace comments on the relationship:

“We’ve been really impressed with Bay Area Circuit’s quality and commitment to delivering on schedule. We look forward to this partnership.”

Ardublab at the New York Stock Exchange

Ardulab at the New York Stock Exchange

Here is more information about what they are working on.

Creating Space Experiments Just Became a Whole Lot Simplier
The Ardulab is a low cost open source science facility, a cubesat sized container for experiments, designed specifically for micro-gravity research aboard the internal space station, suporbital launch vehicles, and parabolic aricraft.

What is Infinity Aerospace’s vision?
Infinity Aerospace wants to be a major player in man’s transition to sustainable life off planet. The ArduLab enables students, scientists, researchers , and companies to perform valuable experiments in microgravity using off the shelf open source hardware that is low cost and very capable. Partnered with NanoRacks, we’re providing the ultimate plug & play for space!

What is the ArduLab?
The ArduLab is a low cost open source science facility conforming to the cubesat ‘U’ form factor and designed directly for microgravity research aboard the International Space Station, Suborbital Launch Vehicles, and Parabolic Aircraft. Infinity Aerospace is partnered with NanoRacks meaning the ArduLab is fully certified and compliant their hardware aboard the Space Station and it’s never been easier to get your experiment to space!

How does this all work?
Once you get your ArduLab, you build your experiment inside. Once done, you re-assemble your ArduLab, put it back into the Pelican Case, and ship it directly to NanoRacks. NanoRacks will certify your payload and handle the entire launch and on station logistics. Once your ArduLab has launched and is on the Space Station, NanoRacks will enable you to get your data directly from communication with the ISS. If needed, NanoRacks can handle the logistics of returning your payload to earth.

Why will people buy the ArduLab? What’s so new and great about it?
The ArduLab sets the standard in price, quality, and ease of use for all microgravity science facilities. At a starting price of $2,000 the ArduLab comes ready for space right out of the box. The structure is scratch resistant polycarbonate – strong enough to handle the space launch environment yet easy to machine and customize to accommodate your experiment inside. The microcontroller housed within the robust outer structure runs on the simple yet capable Arduino software getting you to a working experiment fast with plug and play simplicity.

What kinds of experiments can you do inside the ArduLab?
Analogous to an Arduino, the possibilities for what you can do are only bound to the nature of science and your imagination. If the size of the ArduLab is concerning, consider that most space experimentation is done within cubesat form factor hardware. We also offer sizes all the way up to 8U to fit your specific needs.

How much does it cost to launch an ArduLab to the International Space Station?
A 1U one way to the international space station costs about $30,000 for educational organizations and about $60,000 for commercial companies through NanoRacks.

You can also learn more by visiting their website at


Ardulab Partners with Bay Area Circuits

Ardulab Partners with Bay Area Circuits

Bay Area Circuits actively supports a variety of University projects and has sponsored projects for schools in the area such as Stanford, UC Berkeley, SFSU and many more.

If you have a student lead or university project that you would be interested in Bay Area Circuits Sponsorship please complete our Sponsorship form HERE Virtual Trade Shows


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