A custom circuit board can be found in highly specialized electronic devices. Traditionally, many circuit boards were based on the same model, in part because bespoke custom builds were prohibitively expensive. In more recent years however, due to rapid progression in the electronics industry, it has become more common (and crucially, more affordable) to design and produce fully customized PCBs.

Many PCB prototype manufacturer companies have also now turned to look at the viability of customized boards, rather than opting for off-the-shelf products. Here we’ll look at some of the benefits of opting for a custom circuit board for your application:

In terms of sheer performance, PCB prototype services have a clear advantage if they offer the option of customizing boards to a greater level. If a printed circuit board has been designed from the ground-up for a specific application, it can operate with much greater efficiency.

Secondly, both size and cost can be reduced by customizing PCBs. With a reduction in size, boards require less resources to manufacture and are cheaper to ship to the end-user too. And whilst it is more expensive to produce a single customized PCB than an off-the-shelf one, when operating at scale, any extra cost is reduced considerably.

Another key reason for opting for a custom built printed circuit board is that they can have a longer serviceable life than a conventional PCB. Cheap, mass produced boards can be plagued by loose wires and poor soldiers, which can render an electronic product useless.

The bottom line here is that PCBs are perhaps the most critical component of any electronic product, and as such it’s important that you choose a high quality solution that’s perfectly matched to your application. A fully customized board offers all these advantages, and more besides.