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Friday, September 18th

Makerbot Thing-O-Matic 3D Printer Time Lapse Build


3D Printer Parts
I wonder if you have ever seen one of these 3D printers.  They are used to make quick prototype designs and even can be used to make final production products.

They are quite an amazing piece of technology.  There are several ways that the process works but basically it is taking a polymer and applying it a small layer at a time until the final object is completed.

There are several companies that are now selling these 3D printers and the cost of the printers has been coming down over the last ten years or so.

One company has made of these printers as a complete kit.  You buy all the individual parts and then assemble the kit yourself.  That company is called MakerBot.


I found that Dave Jones the Electrical Engineering Video Blogger on Youtube got one of these kits and did a time lapse build of the Makerbot 3D printer.  I thought it was pretty cool and wanted to share it with you here.

Leave your comments below and let me know what you think.  BTW the device as a lot of printed circuit boards in it!


If you are looking for a set of more then one PCB you might want to check out our Muliti Part PCB Prototype Special.




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