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Friday, September 18th
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Design Custom Printed Circuit Boards in Record Time

For any of your PCB design software needs, Bay Area Circuit’s free PCB Layout and Schematic Capture software is the perfect solution. PCB Creator is a PCB design software with integrated pricing and ordering options for creating 2 to 4 layer custom PCBs. PCB Creator (Printed Circuit Board Creator) is simple to learn by following its step-by-step tutorial that can get users designing a custom PCB within only a few hours. This circuit layout software offers easy-to-use manual and auto-routing tools, as well as component and pattern editors that allow users to make new parts and footprints. Users can import and export their custom PCB designs and libraries with other EDA tools, use Schematic Capture, and preview their designs in 3D.

Our PCB layout tool, powered by the popular DipTrace platform,  provides a 4-in-1 design environment enabling the creating of custom printed circuit boards (PCBs), including Schematic, PCB Layout with Autorouter, 3D PCB Preview, and Component and Pattern Editors.  Check your custom PCB design against our manufacturing tolerances (DRC) and instantly price and order your custom printed circuit board.

This updated version of our free PCB Schematic Capture and Printed Circuit Board Layout software features many expansions to the already user-friendly tools and training materials, as well as new additions that will make creating custom printed circuit board design even easier with more design options.

PCB Creator version 3.3 (released Feb ’19) is equipped with the following features:

  • – A comprehensive differential pair toolkit, with both double and single-track routing modes, as well as real-time verification of differential pair rules.
  • – Mac OS X compatibility support.
  • – Real-time 3D PCB preview and export, including more than 6,500 3D models.
  • – Updated component and pattern editors along with more than 130,000 components and 15,000 patterns included.
  • – Customized hotkeys that enable users to quickly navigate the PCB software with keyboard shortcuts.

Custom PCBs For Your Exact Needs

Interested in designing a custom PCB and unsure of where to start? PCB Creator is the perfect circuit board layout software solution for the simple reasons that it’s free, easy-to-use, and offers a seamless upgrade path to unlock capability needed for complex designs. And best of all, custom PCBs can be ordered for manufacturing directly from inside the PCB software. To get started, simply download and install our PCB tool, design your custom PCB, and order!

Our video tutorials demonstrate how to create a schematic, how to convert a schematic to a PCB layout, and how to order a custom PCB from inside the PCB Creator design software.

Key Advantages of Our PCB Tool

  • – Easy to Learn User Interface
  • – Multi-sheet and Hierarchical Schematics
  • – Built-in Shape-based Autorouter
  • – Integrated Design Environment
  • – High-speed Differential Pair Routing
  • – Multiple Verifications with Real-time DRC
  • – Wide Import & Export Capabilities
  • – 3D PCB Preview & Export
  • – 130,000 Components in Library







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