Company   Phone
Part Number
Board Class  
Production Time
Copper Thickness in     All Units in  
Surface Finish   Material Type
Layer Count   Min. Hole Size     Copper Thickness Outer  
PCB Thickness ml   Copper Thickness Inner  
PCB Size
Array Required?   Yes Rejects on Array Allowed?   Yes
# PCBs Panel Size Spacing Border Width
X: X: X: Top:       Left:   
Y: Y: Y: Bottom: Right:
Solder Mask   Mask Color
Legend   Legend Color
Drill Countersink? Yes V-Scoring? Yes Rout Inside Outline?   Yes
Drill Half Holes? Yes Rout V-cut
Outline Tolerance Depth Rout? Yes Edge Connector
Controlled Impedance? Yes Blind/Buried Vias? Yes RoHS?   Yes
Controlled Dielectric? Yes Confirmal Coating? Yes Filled Vias? Yes


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